Our Philosophy

The health and well-being of patients is always our first priority.

Our team endeavours to provide our patients with excellent and continuing oral health care. As practitioners we are dedicated to the enhancement of our patient’s oral health, education, comfort and total well-being. We offer an extensive range of general, implant and aesthetic dentistry services and recognise that people have different needs and expectations from their dentist. This means we take the time to listen and understand each patient’s situation and make a thorough assessment before commencing any treatment.

We are a team dedicated to excellence in dentistry. Our facilities are the best available and our staff undertake continuing education and training in their quest to provide an exceptional standard of care. Our sterilisation and safety protocols are state of the art.

Believing that prevention is better than cure, St Quentin has a dedicated Dental Hygiene Department established solely to educate and assist patients with their ongoing oral health. The Department is staffed by trained dental hygienists who specialise in preventive care thus helping patients to enjoy healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives.

Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) Accredited

St Quentin Dental are a QIP Accredited Dental Practice. Learn more about what this means for you, here.